The Music of Dana Wilson: Vortex
Group Name Ithaca College Wind Ensemble
Conductor Stephen Peterson
Event Composer Series
Album ID - 4327-MCD

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Track TITLE Composer/Arranger
1 Shortcut Home Wilson, Dana
2 Dance of the New World Wilson, Dana
3 Concerto for Horn and Wind Ensemble Wilson, Dana
4 Vortex Wilson, Dana
5 Time Cries, Hoping Otherwise: I. Out of the Depths Wilson, Dana
6 Time Cries, Hoping Otherwise: II. If I Could Tell You, I Would Let You Wilson, Dana
7 Time Cries, Hoping Otherwise: III. The World Cries, Hoping Wilson, Dana
8 Last Ride to Solutre Wilson, Dana
9 Shakata: Sing The World into Existence Wilson, Dana