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Welcome to Dixie Classic Festivals

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Grade 1 Easyy Elementary, Middle School, Beginning
Grade 2 Medium/Easy Middle School, Easy Intermediate,
Advanced Begginning
Grade 3 Medium Middle School, Easy High School, Intermediate
Grade 4 Medium/Difficult Advanced Middle School, High School,
Advanced Intermediate
Grade 5 Difficult High School, Advanced
Grade 6 Very Difficult High School, Highly developed performace groups
Marches Band Only Extensive list of recorded Marches
Not Graded Literature performed at National and State Conventions and has not been graded. Use the Add Music Form to add a selection to the graded list.

If you wish to add a selection to our Graded Music List, complete the .Pdf Form below... Instructions are on the form.


Once we have received your information it usually takes about 2-7 days to add it to the list. If there are any questions, please feel free to email or call.